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In 1908 Henri Poincaré gave a series of ‘forgotten lectures’ on wireless telegraphy in which he demonstrated the existence of a stable limit cycle in the phase plane. In 1929 Aleksandr Andronov published a short note in the Comptes Rendus in which he…
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In many different fields of mathematics and Physics Poincar´e found many uses for the idea of||a group, but not for group theory. He used the idea in his work on automorphic functions, in number theory, in his epistemology, Lie theory (on the…
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In the beginning of the twentieth century the Dutchmathematician Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer published his first papers on intuition and logic. There is no indication that Henri Poincaré was aware of these publications, but it would have been…
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Henri Poincaré hadmany interests, both inside and outside science. His special attention in this was devoted to the interaction between different fields of knowledge. In this article Ferdinand Verhulst goes into the interaction between mathematical…
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In 1895 Henri Poincare published his topological work ‘Analysis Situs’. A new subdiscipline in mathematics was born. Analysis Situs was an inspiration to new fields like algebraic topology,||Morse theory and cobordism. With use of today’s knowledge…
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