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2003; Galison, Peter; Relativité restreinte;
Clocks and trains, telegraphs and colonial conquest: the challenges of the late nineteenth century were an indispensable real-world background to the enormous theoretical breakthrough of relativity. And two giants at the foundations of modern science…

2014; Gray, Jeremy; Biographie;
Henri Poincaré (1854-1912) was not just one of the most inventive, versatile, and productive mathematicians of all time--he was also a leading physicist who almost won a Nobel Prize for physics and a prominent philosopher of science whose fresh and…

2014-04-28; Galison, Peter;
Peter Galison introduces us to the world that Einstein grew up in, and subsequently changed forever, with the release of his earth shattering theory of special relativity.

2014-12-01; Mazliak, Laurent; Mathématiques;
Même si les considérations sur les probabilités et le hasard ne représentent pas une part très volumineuse de l'œuvre d'Henri Poincaré, le sujet est intéressant car il révèle des aspects importants de son attitude face aux nouvelles…
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